Edge Width Problems and curve editor nightmare

I have never been successful using the Edge width. I want the edge width to occur on the entire clip and it usual only applies to the frame. Also, is there an easy way to reset it? Going into the curve Editor is also not working at all. I can’t frame anything or make attributes active to frame.

If you want edge width to apply to the entire animation of the spline, turn the Uber key on and adjust the edge width. Then turn the Uber Key off and Auto Key back on. Uber Key is a ripple edit.
If you want to delete a keyframe on a spline, select any point on the spline, green keyframes pop up on the timeline. Navigate to the offending keyframe and click the key- button right next to the uber and auto keys on the right side of the timeline.

Thanks MaryP.

But if you have multiple edge keyframes how can you delete them without having to twirl every point down down for every spline?

You will want to go into the dope sheet to do this, simply delete the edge width keyframes in order to reset those values.

thanks Mary.

But is there a way you can do a global delete of keyframes without having to go into every single control point? As you can imagine once you have multiple splines with mutiple control points this could be a massive job…


Yes, on the far right hand side of the playhead is a key+ key- and delete all keys button, but it will delete all your keys for your shapes, not just edge values. For specific things like edge values, delete the keys in the dope sheet. You can delete many points at once there if you just click and drag around the keys you want to remove.

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks Mary!