Edgy bezier curve bug?

Hello there!

I think I encountered a bug regarding bezier-curves in Mocha AE. In particular angular bezier-“curves” where I supressed the extra controle-points for the “roundness” by holding shift while defining the curve. In Mocha everything works fine, but when exporting the Shape-data some “default-roundness” seems to get added so that the shape in AE isn’t edgy anymore…
I figured out that the Point-definition in the exported shape-data look something like Point(0.73852,0.409585,0,0.5,0,0.1,0.02,0) for all Points and that it should look like Point(0.73852,0.409585,0,0,0,0,0,0) for real angular curves without extra controle-points. As a work-around, I wrote a little java-tool which sets the last 6 values of each Point-definition to 0 and it seems to work for me, but I wanted to inform you about this behavior as it seems to be a bug. If you want I can send you my mocha-project file as further information…

And sorry if my english isn’t the best, it’s not my mothertongue. :wink:


Thank you for letting us know, this definitely sounds like a bug. It might be an AE bug, but it could also be a mocha bug. I will have our dev team look into it! Thanks for the feedback, this sort of information helps us improve the product!


Hi there,

OK, yes, this is a corner-only bug with bezier. There is not currently a fix, but we are working on one.

The workaround is to use X Splines, so please try that in the future to avoid this problem.