Editing multiple Pictures in Optics out of Lightroom

When I select multiple Picute in Lr and select edit in Optics only the last one is opend (all pictures are creates correct in LR as tiff, but only the lase filtename in Call is used bei optics.

Selecting multiple images in Lightroom is for plug-ins that support multiple inputs where one input is modified by the plug-in and the other inputs are to serve a secondary purpose. Optics does not support this.

Selecting and editing multiple photos in Lightroom by adjusting all of their settings simultaneously like you can with the various LR settings, does not apply to 3rd party plug-ins.

Im solving it on my own. A cmd-splitter script does that job easy. (LR call the script with a bunch of files, script calls optics with every file separatly.
foreach ($i in $args) { optics.exe $i }
A second external editor preset does the rest.

Find a better way (where you don’t have to handle Policys-settings of Powershell) and run also on Mac:

Jeffrey’s “Run Any Command” Lightroom Export Plugin

Cool an easy to use.
This solves also the disadvantage that optics is not avalible a export filter (now it is …)

@MichaelK Thanks!

One more question: How are the command line options of optics. Especial how can a process a stored setup to a other file.
Since that’s possible out of photoshop there must be a way :wink:
“optics.exe setupfile.optics file_to_modify.tif” does not work (change the order produce error)

You can make Optics automatically process an input image with a setup and it will render the result over the input image in TIFF format:

Optics.exe -render -setup <setup_path> -image <image_path>

Note that this is destructive. Make a copy of your input image first, and remember that the output file is always a TIFF file, even if the input file is a jpg (or RAW).

Now I am able to render any number of photos from Lightroom as a batch or to manually adjust any number of photos one after the other.
Since it’s an export of Lr I don’t care about overwritten files.Input ist TIFF anyway. So fine for me.

If you like to get a documentation how I manage this, write me a note.

Please add the cmd-options to the documentation :wink: