Effect order in Avid

I watched the excellent webinar ‘mocha Pro 5 for Avid’ (https://vimeo.com/179792962). At about 10 minute Dan Harvey shows adding mocha Pro onto a fill layer, then alt+drop Color Correction on top. With the Effect Editor open, he grabs and moves the Color effect below mocha, so that mocha works as a mask. When I tried this on Avid 2019.8 beta 2, it doesn’t move the Color effect but instead creates a second mocha effect… so there are two mocha effects on the fill and no Color effects. I’ve tried moving the order with various key combinations (control, alt, command) with no change (two mocha effects). I tried the same operation with 3D Warp instead of mocha, and the order changed like in the webinar. Is this a mocha error, or Avid? It is a very cool trick, which I hope will once again work.

  • Harry

Hi Harry,
This definitely sounds like an Avid issue as a plug-in will not affect how Media Composer copies or moves in the timeline itself.

If you are looking to work in Mocha Pro, than change the order of how the plug-in is applied, another idea is to save/drag your Mocha plug-in to a bin, remove it from the timeline. Then apply color correction first, then the saved Mocha. OR simply “step-in” to the Mocha effect, apply the color and step out. There should be many ways to achieve this. I will try to take a look later today.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. I will report to Avid. Your workaround is what I’ll do.

  • Harry