Element 3d issue. HALP!

i followed this tutorial:


i used a sphere as the 3d model


but after pick whipping x,y and z position, it shows the sphere, but the camera is inside the sphere?!

so in the tutorial video, instead of that horn being tracked on the side of person’s head, the horn ends up overlapping the 3d camera. another time i did it (i tried re-doing it again), the horn was pushed approximately -1000 in z-space, not in view


please halp!!helpehelpeelp help halphelp

hmm i posted this under a ‘guest’ account?

i just registered my own account/login. so i can get notified email correctly.


thank you! Mary P save me!!

Hi there!

A camera solve will calculate a certain focal depth and scale, which is why you may be seeing a varied result compared to the original tutorial.
To fix this, you may need to adjust the model scale to match the view. With different particle and model systems in AE these can vary significantly.

This webinar may also help with this as have some tips on how to move solves around the scene:

The webinar Martin linked should help you. :slight_smile:

It is also possible that the solve is not correct out of mocha as well, what is your percentage solve in mocha’s camera solver tab? If it’s not above 90% you may encounter some camera issues.