Emitter Library not showing up


I downloaded the add-on particle emitter library to supplement _sampler.il3 and I ran the installer but the new libraries do not show up. I have rebooted, run-as-administrator and manually copied them to the user library directory but still do not see them in the PI app. (Standalone or OFX/Vegas)

How do I get the add-on libraries to load in PI?


Bil Herd

Also have tried reinstalling PI and the emitter libraries is various orders.

What do you see in the following folder:
Program Data/BorisFX/Emitter Libraries

That’s where the additional emitter libraries are installed.

If you have many files there, they should show up in PI – there’s no special action required.

All of the .il3 files are there from the additional install, but they don’t appear in PI. I have rebooted and restarted PI trying to get them to “register”. All I see is the samples library which is also contained in the directory.

So you’re not even seeing the “Custom.il3” library inside PI? After you install PI you should at minimum see “_Sampler.il3” and “Custom.il3”

Check the “Help” box in PI – what version info does it show?

Correct, I do not see custom. In fact I did not know I was supposed to. :slight_smile:

This is on PI version 12.0.4 either standalone (Windows) or from within Vegas Pro.

Found it, I had an old subscription for Continuum so it was saying my version was up to date, but was actually old. I manually installed stand-alone version 13 and I now see the other libraries.