Emitter search only searching selected library

New to PI and having an issue with the UI. Watching John Dickinson’s tutorial “The Basics [Getting Started]” from June 17, 2020 which means he’s obviously using PI 2020 where I installed 2021.5. When he did his search for “spark” in the emitter libraries at 1:13 of the video, he got results form every library in the app. See image below. When I start PI, the “_Sampler” library is already selected in blue (his was not) and when I try to search the only results I get are from the selected _Sampler library. If I click on the other libraries (Abstract, Cartoon, etc.)they become selected one at a time and I see the matches in their libraries but ONLY the one that 's selected. I tried Shift-clicking, Ctrl-Clicking, Alt-clicking to see if I could select more than one at a time but no joy. I also observe that in his UI, he has twirl controls on each of the libraries and sub libraries but I don’t have twirl controls. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

  • dW

That’s working as expected. When in Library View you see the results from the selected library only – and it only shows the libraries in the top view that contain results. You can only select one library at a time.

If you want to see all results from all libraries at once, switch to list or grid (thumbnail) views.