Emitters lost after reinstall computer


I have a problem because emitters fade away when i reinstall it.

I don’t have fiber oragnic and others emitters.

How to download last emitters ?

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You can download the emitters for particle illusion from this link : Boris FX | Downloads

Thank’s @PeterMcAuley
But i did it so i can’t get this emitters

And you can find those here : https://borisfx.com/training/free-presets-and-projects/


Here’s the After Effects project that John D created which includes the emitter that you are looking for :

borisfx_continuum20215_particleillusion_mask.zip (446.6 KB)

I’m so sorry i use Vega Pro so i can’t get old emitters in Particle illusion :

emitters 2021 and old
I lost a plenty of emitters from 2021

I can’t upgrade to emitters 2021 and use 14.5.0
I contact the support because i use v 14.0.3 and this not update to up
Thank you so much

I don’t understand why you would be missing emitters. There are two separate installers for Particle Illusion. One installs the main Particle Illusion application (either the free standalone version or as part of the full Continuum library) and the other installs just the additional large set of Emitters.

Uninstalling the Particle Illusion itself or Continuum would only remove the small set of emitters installed by that program. Reinstalling would put them right back though.

Similarly uninstalling the Particle Illusion Emitters would remove the large set of additional emitters, but reinstalling would put them right back.

If you are looking for older versions of the installers you can find them under the Legacy Products download section on the website:
Boris FX | Legacy-downloads?

If you have not succeeded in finding what you want please give more details or follow up with the Support team.