Emitters/Presets not available

I just installed the standalone product, no presets available. Then downloaded and installed the emitters. When I run the application, no emitters are available. Have even rebooted my PC to see if it would help to no avail…

Any recommendations to resolve?

When you say “no presets available”, are you saying that no emitter libraries are available at all? Does PI open up? Are you getting an error message?

There are 3 emitter libraries that are installed with the app itself, so those 3 should always be available.

Is it possible that you have an antivirus application that is putting files in “quarantine”?

A screenshot of the Particle Illusion UI would also be helpful.

Good Day,

I am attaching a screenshot of the emitter library window which shows one emitter available.

I disabled my Windows 10 antivirus and proceeded to reinstall PI and the libraries. Still had the same result.

It looks like the Favorites button is on, but you have only one emitter marked as Favorite. Press the Favorites button to disable and you should see the rest of them.

I can see how this could be confusing. We should find a way to make it more obvious that Favorites is enabled.

Doh…makes sense.

Didn’t even consider it since it was the first time I was accessing the new version. Must have kept the option on from the prior version I was using.

Thank you very much.