Emulating a 3D Scanner in Boris FX?


I am considering buying Boris FX and I have a newbie question : I saw those beautiful videos, which were most likely made by using a 3D Scanner. I was told it may be possible to emulate such a result using software effects and wonder if its is possible to emulate such a look within Boris FX?

In the example attached, pixels that look like little lights are added to a shape (a tree). In Other examples, the same tree is entirely transformed into arrays of pixels.

I am not looking for a perfect result but wonder if you knew ways to emulate this using Boris FX.

Thank you so much


Thank you for your interest in the Continuum product. One way to generate a similar result might be to use one of the particle generators that are included in the Continuum Particles Unit / Group. A filter that I’m thinking of is the BCC Particle Emitter 3D filter, which can take in a layer map input (in the Emitter group) from the host and use that to push particles into filling / following the shape of the alpha or luma values of the layer.

For the tree shot, the scene is dark and probably doesn’t have enough contrast as-is to have the particles adhere / map to the tree so you might duplicate the tree layer, then process it with a different filter to generate the layer map that you need. I’m not entirely certain if this is the look that you’re after, but I would strongly encourage you to download the product trial version and check to see if it meets your needs.

Please feel free to post here if you need help working with any of the Continuum filters.