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Good morning.
I just purchased this product few days ago and I am trying to find my way out. Currently I am working with premiere pro 2018 and mocha VR plugin. . I have 4k, 360 video clip 3.33 long clip. It’s about 3.3 Gb. Just to render this clip without any effects takes 15 minutes. ( 64 ddr4 ram, gpu 1080, intel i7 k5930k.). To track in mocha object to remove takes 1 hour. But to render after applying remove object effect takes forever. Right now its 1705 hours. Could you please help me figure out way to speed up this process.


Consider giving this a try; I did in PPro CC 2018, Media Encoder 2018, and After Effects 2018, and it increased my encode times surprisingly well. - YouTube

It sounds like you possibly need to optimise the remove.

Check out these tutorials:

Workflow and optimisation of results: https://vimeo.com/210584995
10x faster results using clean plate method: https://vimeo.com/216952973

Other things to check:

  1. Are you using enough Texture Memory? Go to Preferences> GPU and make sure the amount of Texture Ram you’re using is about 50-75% of the GPU onboard RAM.
  2. Do you have enough available disk space? A large, long shot will take up a fair amount of cache.
  3. Is your source material H.264 or a similar random-access frame codec? Removes can take longer with this kind of codec as it hunts for the right frames.
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Gotcha, I will try the below out. Got it working on After Effects after I wrote the email, but Premiere still crashes on module launch. The error started occurring after I tried tracking and then horizon stabilizing a large ~50Gb 8k prores file, and ran out of disk space rendering over night. Didn’t realize how large the cache would get up to! It’s a late 2017 Mac Pro dual and FirePro D700 with 64 Gb of Ram if that helps. Appreciate the help.


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I would definitely be starting with a proxy to track with on a file that size.
How long is the clip?

Are you patching out a ground rig or a drone?
You may get some value out of the lens patch method. This tutorial is stereo, but the same techniques apply:

just did this, will see if it helps.

i am patching out a ground rig. i cut my 3 minutes clip into 20 seconds clips. i do track individual and remove using clean plate method in Mocha. then i render in premier. it took almost 2 days to get it done. i have reached a limit after 2 minutes and i had to render it to clean all cash and start working on the last minute.

  • in gpu setting i put 6144 ( my geforce has 8 gb of ram) . is it ok?
  • how does “preview” in premiere affect mocha? ( do i have to use "full " before adding plugging to my clip?
    -can i create and use proxy right from the begging and how it will affect quality of the final result?

Preview in premiere only affects the render preview on the timeline. In earlier versions of Premiere, it would load into mocha as a lower resolution, like After Effects does, but recent versions of Premiere broke that functionality.

Until this is addressed by Adobe, the best way to work in Premiere is to use a rendered proxy and then switch to the full version after you have tested the remove does what you want.
The only difference a proxy will make is:

  • Slightly lower accuracy on tracking because the detail is reduced. Normally this isn’t an issue as the planar tracker is very good.
  • You shouldn’t create a clean plate in the Mocha GUI, because it will be saved at the lower resolution. You always need to be in Full mode when you want to save out the clean plate.