Encoding / Timeline Hang with Sapphire Plugins [5 months later]

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Error was occurring with version 11.0.1,

Just wanted to confirm dear Linh, that this bug persists with Sapphire version 11.0.2. Low Level exception errors associated with memory; and as it did previously on multiple computers, it also causes hanging inside premeire when scrolling through unrendered sapphire transitions, or trying to render sapphire transitions… forcing me to close premiere every 5-10 minutes or so from task manager, and reload the project. Or wait perhaps 1-20 hours to unhang. Pre-rendered frames result in no problem. Same errors also occur when encoding within both Premiere and Media Encoder. It often happens prior to encoding the first frame of any sapphire plugin. New projects are affected.

Occurs with GPU rendering enabled and disabled.

Pre-Composing in smaller segments is a work around, 5-8 out of 15 renders will result in hanging, but because the bug is somewhat random, eventually it works.

Dear Linh, have your staff done testing with the similar GPU / RAM as you suggested? Also because this exact same error with the exact same project I sent you happened on another Laptop with completely different hardware, with no Nvidia hardware, it would suggest this bug is not specific to GPU or any hardware, but a software bug that causes these low level exceptions when ram is low. The previous project was 70+ GB, the project I am working on now is 119 mb low definition footage, the error persists.

Just as a recap. I’m using an Nvidia 660 GTX 2048, and 8 GB ram [G Skill Value F2-6400CL5-2GBNT]. The laptop had ~8gb of ram with ~1 gb shared with the intel i5 videocard.

Premiere + Sapphire ran into the same hang/crash bug with 796 ram of 2048 video ram, & 5.45 of 8 gb in use.

Hi. Please contact our support team so we can gather more information and enter this into our bugfix pipeline.


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Confirmed fixed in Sapphire 2019. Astounding work guys! you are right on top of everything here.