Entire Session Corrupted?

Crap! I worked for two weeks on one of my four reels, where each reel is set up as a separate session within the same project file. I went back to this session to check some work and found that the paint strokes were not rendering out to the viewer.

I first tried to rebuild one frame and the grey splotches where the paint strokes used to be disappeared causing the output to look like the input. I then tried to re-render the session from the session menu and got a “missing paint data” error.

What’s going on here?! Can this session be saved?

Sihouette (stand alone) 2021.0.0 build 336
Mac OS 10.14.6

The painted frames are recorded at the time you painted them. If the source files and Silhouette project files are still in the same locations as when you originally painted them, there would not be an error.

The “Missing Paint Data” message occurs when the painted frames within the Silhouette project can’t be found. Is it possible that the file locations have changed since the project was last saved?

Even if the files have moved since the project was last saved, if you reconnect all the media in the same way as they were originally, a rebuild will work.

To my knowledge the files are all in the same place as originally setup but it’s been over a month since I started so I can’t remember if maybe I reorganized the projects drive.

The sources window does not show me the directory where the source files are stored so I can’t verify that either, however to my knowledge the files in silhouette are matching up with the correct source files since I name them with a unique name and there’s only one version with certain tags in the name. Oddly, Silhouette seems to be truncating the last bit of the name which is “_210316”. I’m assuming that’s normal due to the underscore?

The project files are stored on a “Projects” thumb drive and it’s not something that I typically mess with. Even if I had copied the project file from one drive to another and loaded it upon startup, shouldn’t Silhouette be able to continue functioning normally?

If you are available, I can do a remote session on your machine. Private message me your name, email address and phone number and a time when you are available.