EPS files in Boris (RED)

I never been able to get this right but I need to try. I cant bring in EPS files that preserve their vectors into Boris RED. Its suppose to isn’t it?

I am able to get the EPS to come in but it is rasterized, so its an image now. Which doesn’t do anything for me as I need to keep that vector for clarity and scale-ability.

The eps is saved as an V8 Illustrator file in eps format. Ive also tried V8 Illustrator in ai format. FYI, I have also been able to bring in eps files in the latest version of Illustrator which goes against what I have read about Red supporting only up to V8.

So whats the deal, can I get the vectors to come over to RED or not? Is there a specific way the eps file needs to be altered/saved first? Is there something I need to do in RED afterwards to convert?


Here’s a link that show you how to achieve this result : https://borisfx.com/videos/professional-compositing-and-titles-with-boris-red/

And note that the EPS file must be saved as Illustrator version 8 in order for it to be readable by Boris RED.