EPS files in Continuum (Title Studio)

I’d like to import EPS files into Title Studio (or really any of the BFX products). In Ben Brownlee’s videos he talks about importing EPS files from Illustrator (specifically saving as 8), which I don’t have. I’ve tried exporting EPS files from other programs (Photoshop, Inkscape, etc), but Title Studio doesn’t see them. What would be the proper settings for creating EPS files?

Hi Bruce,

There are two forms of EPS files - one is vector and made up of vector spline shapes, filled or stroked, and one is raster, which is a flattened image made up of rasterized pixels and does not include any vector shapes. EPS files that are exported from Adobe Illustrator are vector files and this is the only type of EPS file that can be imported into BCC Title Studio and BCC Extrude EPS. Note that Adobe Illustrator can export an EPS file in different versions and BCC supports Illustrator v.8 EPS files - this is set during the export process within Illustrator.

I hope this helps!