EPS Scale in Title Studio

Dumb question…

I’m using Title Studio for the first time to add some pizazz to a pre-made title which an artist made in Adobe Illustrator.

I was able to “save as” .eps in Illustrator, launch Resolve, apply the Title Studio OFX to a blank solid, and launch the Title Studio UI. I was easily able to import the .eps and I can see my title, but it’s too small.

I thought I’d simply adjust the EPS scale “Vector Scale” parameter to make the title bigger (and not pixelated), but changing the value of Vector Scale, Vector Scale X, or Vector Scale Y, all have no effect. The image stays small.

If I use the global transform I can make the image bigger, but it’s super pixelated.

Any ideas?

Also…I’m trying to finesse the timing with which my title appears over a certain shot in Resolve. So long as I am in the Title Studio UI, the alpha doesn’t appear to function. The title appears over black. As soon as I hit “apply” I see the title properly appearing over the video track in Resolve. Is this just a limitation of the current version of Title Studio? You need to pop in and out of the UI to adjust the timing and see the underlying clip composited?


Here’s the workflow to import and resize an Illustrator EPS file :

• duplicate the background clip and place it above itself in a new track
• apply title studio to this duplicated copy of the background
• in Title Studio, replace the default text track with a new EPS media track. you will be presented with a OS browser to locate and load the desired vector media element (note that this MUST be in Illustrator 8 .eps or .ai format and it should be vector art, not raster art.
• once you have the media file loaded, adjust the Master Scale parameter to resize the vector media. if it is a vector file, it will produce a clean scaled result (if it’s a raster file though it will pixellate when scaled.)
• you might want to apply Title Studio to a copy of the media file against which you wish to composite the title. With it on a track above the background element, it becomes very easy to trim back the filtered layer to match the timing of the layer beneath it.
• also note that there are options in title studio to view the title/graphic that you’re working on against the background while remaining in the TS GUI. At the top of the Composite Window, you’ll find a button with the tooltip Preview Background - you can use this to preview the title/graphic over the background clip, over solid color or over transparency.

I hope this helps,

Thank you Peter, that helps a lot!