Equivalent of Avid Paint Tool in BCC/Mocha


I’m trying to find a way whereby I can effectively use the ‘Witness Protection’ but instead of having a blur or mosaic image used have a feathered paint selection, e.g. If I want to remove a sign from a wall I’d like to be able to sample the wall colour/luminance etc. feather the edges and use the track I’ve made in Mocha.

For some reason I can’t find a way of doing this. I know that you can clone in ‘BCC Remover’ but that can only be used if there is a large enough area to sample from.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Many thanks


Yep, you should use the BCC Remover for that purpose - it was specifically designed for cloning and tracking.



Thanks Peter.

I’m talking about situations where I can’t clone as there isn’t enough source image. What I’d do in Avid is use the paint tool to select the colour that I need and paint out the object I’m trying to remove. The only problem is that the tracker in Avid is inferior to Mocha.

I’m surprised I can’t find something like this in BCC.

Hmmm … well we currently don’t have a paint brush tool in BCC that would match the description of the tool you’r elooking for. That said, have you tried using any of the infill methods in the BCC Remover filter? You don’t need to set up a clone, you can create a shape using the built-in mocha masking tools, and then set the filter to Auto-Fill the region.

Hi Sharman,
If you are doing a quite lot of Object Removals, you may want to do a trial of Mocha Pro for Avid - which is a great complement to Continuum. The Remove Module in Mocha Pro has additional features fro clean plating when clone techniques are not sufficient.

This tutorial might be useful: Boris FX | Mocha Pro 5 Plug-in for Avid: Set Dressing with Remove and Insert

Note annual subscription to Mocha Pro for AVX is only $295.


Thanks both. I’ll try out your suggestions and come back.