Error: Can not execute remove on an inactive layer

Lil’ help? Anyone know how to solve this? I have four total layers and all of them are active. My remove, my background, one foreground layer and a layer I used just to track my FG that I’ve “Linked to track” my foreground layer to. I’ve tried removing this track layer, that doesn’t fix it.

Hmm. Try giving your in and out points a little more wiggle room? Those layers should all be active.

Any update on this? I am having the same problem and giving wiggle room to in and out points did nothing.

Check out the trim part of the timeline and make sure you are using active frames.

Did this ever get solved? I’m having this problem right now. And yep the frames are active. The had actually been done and the remove was successful. However I’m revisiting the project to make a tweak (still the same version of all software) and all of a sudden it won’t do the remove on a single shot and is throwing up this error.

I am trying to remember, but I think this ended up being a workflow issue we solved in email. But I am not sure. Did you alter where the shot is on the timeline?

I didn’t alter necessarily its position - but I trimmed the layer to start past the frame of the clean plate so it looks like that was it. Set frame sequence back to full length of comp, nested, and just trimmed the comp and I guess that worked. Thanks!

That will do it, glad you got it sorted out! Thank you for letting us know!