Error exporting Nuke shape

I was trying to export a shape from Silhouette with using the Nuke presets. It’s throwing multiple python script errors about unknown objects for .motionBlur and .constant. May have fallen out of sync with recent changes?

Tracker export works great. Just shape export is broken.

@jan Nuke export is working fine on my machine with the release version of Silhouette. What version of Silhouette are you using and what OS/version? What are the exact python errors you are seeing?

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Si 2020.5.7 on Win10.

Two errors:

line 498: p.Constant is not known
line 1282: motionBlur is not known

I had created a layer and tracked it via planar tracker, then added a new shape in this layer to be used as a mask. Selected that shape and used the File/Export method, selecting Nuke 9+


Hmm, I can’t reproduce this. Is there anyway you can send me a download link to your project so I can try exporting it on my machine?

DM’ed you the link.


I was able to reproduce the problem. At the moment, the Tracker node can’t export shapes to Nuke. Copy and paste the layer and shape into a Roto node and you can export from there.

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for debugging.


We’ll get this fixed in the next release.