Error in importing from after effect

Hi everyone,

I get this error what should I do ?

please I need your helps.


Hi there,

Where exactly does this error occur? Can you tell me the steps leading up to the crash?

I go to "Animation " in Adobe after effects CC 2014 and click " Tack in mocha AE ", then once I click to open my saved project, this message appears on my screen. :frowning:

Try this:

  1. Load mocha AE as normal
  2. Click cancel on the new project dialog
  3. Go to the mocha AE Preferences under the File menu
  4. Go to the OpenGL tab
  5. Turn on "Disable Offscreen Buffers"
  6. Click OK and restart mocha

I just saw and its already unchecked, Is there any other way to get over this problem, please ?

You need to turn it on. The box needs to be checked.

If checking on the buffers does not work, try updating your graphics card drivers and reboot.

Ohhh Im sorry I didn’t pay attention !
Yes, its works now !
I appreciate it.
Thank you so much.