Error message on matte render


I am trying to render my mattes and am getting this message:

“Bezier bounding box failed”

Might I be doing something wrong or is this a bug?

I am on a Mac quad 2.5 with 8gig ram

Any help is appreciated



I found the source of my problem, and its solution. I’d been rotoing a few objects that were at times completely obscured. For those frames in which the objects were not visible, I’d deactivated all the points along the relevant bezier shape. Apparently this is a no-no. Mocha throws that uninformative-to-the-layman error when attempting to render a bezier shape with no active points.

I can understand why this might be the correct behavior from an engineering standpoint, but from a usability perspective it’d be nice if Mocha either displayed a more informative error (i.e. “your bezier has too few active points to be rendered”) or preferably would simply ignore beziers with too few active points to be rendered and not throw an error at all. It doesn’t seem like a terrible idea from this user’s standpoint for me to be able to deactivate points that are unnecessary – I figured it might save Mocha some time in its calculations. I guess not.

I’ve run into this exact same error message, “Bezier bounding box failed”, after completing a very complicated roto with 15 layers. This error is preventing me from rendering out a matte. :confused:

Can anyone clarify what the above user means by “stray point”. Maybe I too have one of those, whatever they are, and can hunt it down and fix it.

I suspect I’m going to have to export mattes one layer at a time, until I reach the layer that’s causing the error, and then I’ll either just have to recreate that layer from scratch or figure out which point or points are causing this elusive error.

If this error’s a bug, it’d be nice to see it fixed. If it’s not, it’d be nice if the error message gave more specific info, such as which layer and even which point is causing the problem.

FWIW, I’m on a quad-core mac pro with 3Gb of RAM and Mocha build v1.2.3, and my footage is a 1920x1080 tiff sequence.

I think I figured it out. I had a stray point in one of my roto shapes.:o