Error on Adjust track tab

Hallo everybody,

following this tut suggested, I still trying to dale my shot with extreme lens distortion.

I make two corner pin, on the red billboards you can see in the attached image: (You can see also the Lens calibration set up I used)

With central billboard I had no problem. With lateral right Billboard I had many problem…

I should track it in Backward and when I turned to Adjust track tab…

… I specify the last frame of the sequence (witch was the start frame for the backward tracking) as a “Set master All” . Than I started to adjust the red cross but i reveived this error you can read in the last attached image. What can i do to finish my double corner pin…?

Please help.


Many thanks for e reply!


Hi there,
I cant quite make out the error message, the image is 500 pixels, what does it say?




Unstable configuration detected: returning points to original positions



OK, usually that error happens when the dotted green line in adjust track becomes red, what happens is you have chosen points too far from the original plane and have skewed the plane out of screen and behind mocha’s camera.

Try selecting points closer to your plane and on a similarly moving plane. Or simply adjust them to your sign.

Hi MAry,

when you say “point” what do you mean?

First I make a XSpline, normally with 4 vertex for a Corner Pin. Than I visualize “Planar Surface” and set the Corners exactly on the four corners of the original billboard. Than I track.

Can you please specify which plane and which points?


Hi MAty,

the problem was that we can n0t create a corner pin outside GRID distortion range. It means that we can make a corner pin also with extreme lens distortion, as e fish eye, but this corner pin has to remain inside the distorted grid. See images:

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Hi Simon,

You have “control points” in the adjust track, which are the 4 corners you use to adjust the track. Those are the points I am talking about. Those are what you are setting when you set master all.

OK, that makes sense. When you adjust for a fish eye lens, sometimes the track or the surface tool gets skewed outside of mocha’s camera range, this can cause errors. When this happens, you will need to find a set of points towards the middle of the shot.

Apologies for the delay, we are not in the office on the weekends.


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Okay, many thanks!

Hi Mary,

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I’ll check! It looks like your links are working now. Thanks for the heads up.