Error "Point could not be transformed into frame due to distortion. Error: SEL3"

Hi everyone.

I’m new to mocha and when I just finished masking out a couple of people on a green screen this error appeared “Point could not be transformed into frame due to distortion. Error: SEL3”.
Then the only way I had to shut down the program was in control panel. When I reopened Mocha a couple of mask where with weird jumps between keyframes. And then the error appeared again. This was most likely my fault that I must have clicked something that I shouldn’t. I only used the tracker a couple of times and manually created the keyframes for the most of it. When I try to export the shape data to after effects it doesn’t work as well.

I have some print screens attached.

The masks of the girl in the foreground are okay, they were the last ones I made. But all 5 of the background are freaking out.

Thanks for your help!

I think this is probably happening because the surface tool is going “behind the camera.” What happens is that mathematically, mocha can no longer calculate the perspective shift.

Make sure you can see your surface tool for the entire length of the track, if it disappears it is because Mocha can’t calculate anything that moves “behind the camera” plane. Try tracking up to shear but not perspective if you are getting weirdness in your track.

Unfortunately, once this happens, there’s no way around it in mocha except by adjusting the surface tool itself and retracking the bad frames.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.