ERROR, there must be a fix?!

Where is your media located? Mocha can’t handle some special characters in file paths, can you please try putting some footage in C:\Test to see if it works.


hi im tyring to sort this out aswell
i have downloaded the trial installed on windows seven
i get the “failed to texture image” is the error.
with mov files that worked in mocha for ae.?
i tested png image squence
jpg image squence
ive tested on winxp same problem

my specs
nviddia gforce 8800gt
it looks like a great product but i cant load any thing?

I noticed someone else had the same problem…

I cannot open ANY kind of footage in mocha.

.avi (compressed and uncompressed)
.mov (animation & photojpeg)
jpeg sequence

I’m on XP professional 32bit with lots of power.

Nothing works… Is there a bug fix or a workaround?

Thank you so much.

Ya it’s all on my C drive. I’ve been reading up on all the common fixes for the issue, tried them all.

Any kind of advanced fix for the issue?