Error trying to use clean plate tiff

i’m trying to use a clean plate created in photoshop. i’m using the same exact tiff file used that mocha creates, but when i try to use in mocha pro, i get “Original and fill image formats don’t match”. Please help.

When you saved the TIF file, how did you save it? What settings did you use?

I am experiencing the same error. I select Create under the Input tab of the Remove module, paint the clean plate in Photoshop, save as a TIF without changing the file name, but when I select Render back in Mocha, it tells me “Original and fill image formats don’t match”. Is there a workaround for this?

Is there alpha in the TIF image you saved back? There is currently a bug that will only read in RGB clean plates, not RGBA.

Also, what is your source footage format for the project?

No, alpha - just RGB. And I’m using DNxHD 36 source footage (remove as temp VFX for an offline cut).