Error when exporting shapes: "No rendered clips"


When I want to export the shapes in the project with the command “export renderd shapes”, I get the error message"No rendered clips available for export" Previously, I had to relink the source footage. Exporting the shape data works as it should.
What does this error message tell me, and what is the reason behind this?


Hi J-P,
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In your project, do you have clips like “Matte for Layer xxx” in the clip list?
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No i have not. Only the clip itself, “Logo” and the “Grid…” clips.


Hi Martin,
unfortunately, deleting the cached files does not help.
The mattes are showing up in the interface as usual.


Yes, it was started in it.


So, if a project was started in mocha for ae, there is no way to export a rendered shape even though you are continuing working on it in mocha or mocha pro?


Did you start your project in mocha AE?


In your project, do you have clips like “Matte for Layer xxx” in the clip list?


OK, this is the reason. mocha AE doesn’t support exporting rendered clips, so it doesn’t create them.


hey there…
no further answers to heikos’ question ? i’ve got the exact same problem here, please reply to his last question… i’d be screwed if i my project was trash now…


gee … that’s a little embarrassing but i’ve found a solution myself…
all i needed to do was to create a shape layer that covered the whole timeline … turn visibility off … turn tracking off … and choose “export rendered shapes” … that’s it … works like a charm… sort of an “export layer” i had to create…
p.s thanks for your offer though…


i don’t quite understand what you are saying…
i “should” be able to but you didn’t offer a solution in case i wasn’t able to … and that’s where i’m at right now…
started in ae … switched to mocha pro … and there i can’t export rendered shapes … i get said error message “export renderd shapes” …
do you know anything i could do to make this work after all? or are you telling me i have to except there is nothing i can do? or are you telling me there might be a way to get this working but you don’t know what to do?
don’t want to sound harsh here … though i do i’m afraid… sorry for that…


Hi Heiko,
It’s possible the file has not cached any of the mattes from your splines. Have you cleared any directories since using opening the file? When ou look at the matte view in our viewer, does the matte render?


Hi Jurgen,
The reason you are not seeing the mattes in mocha is because the lighter mocha AE only supports shape data export and doesn’t create any matte information when it is saved.
So when you bring the file into the full version of mocha the data to create the mattes doesn’t exist in the file, only the spline information does. Saving the file in the full version won’t create the mattes, because the original file from mocha AE didn’t have the data to begin with.
You will still be able to export the shape data, but not render mattes from the mocha AE file.


Hi Guys,
Currently, you should be able to load a mocha ae project into mocha or mocha Pro and render out the mattes if you’re stuck. However, in the future for our products, that may not be the case.
Hope that helps,


Hi Jurgen,
Can you please email the file to and I’ll see what I can do to try and find a solution? I’ll let you know my results. I understand you’re frustrated, no worries.