Error when pasting corner pin data into AE CS4 layer

I have Mocha for AfterEffects CS4. The app works great except for when I export corner pin tracking data out to via text file or the clipboard. Everything seems to work fine in Mocha for the export, but when I switch over to AfterEffects I get the following error message:

“After Effects error: invalid clipboard format – effect ADBE Corner Pin could not be found (line 9, near column 2).”

I am running OS 10.5.5 on an Intel Mac. Any idea what the problem is?


Hi J-P,

I am running the new CS4 Production Premium upgrade, but I still have earlier versions on my system. I will remove the old stuff and try again.


Yes, that did the trick-- I got rid of all the old versions and reinstalled CS4 Production Premium… works now.

Thank you!

Hi digitaledit,

You’re trying to import the data into a version of After Effects older than CS4. Mocha for After Effects CS4 is only available bundled with AE CS4 and does not work with other versions.

The full version of Mocha for After Effects, which we sell, does support older versions of After Effects.

Best regards,