Ex-Pro Emitter Creator (ZOOM parameter)

I was asleep after my last creation of pro emitter for pI3 while back 2…0…0…5…!
Thank you for pI3 2021 3D!!! Long awaited. ( Now waking up and I will test pI3 2021 to the bone).

My problem with the pI3 2021/Older with the ZOOM parameter. POINT works fine when ZOOM the particle does not expand as it should be from the initial point setting.

But…ZOOM does not work if parameter switch from POINT to CIRCLE. When ZOOM, my particle expand. This problematic when trying to creating a unique suffisticated emitter.

There is no work around for me. HELP!

Dell T7010 Dual Intel Xeon 2.8Ghz / 56threads / 128Gb DDR3 1660Mhz / K6000 12Gb GPU / 43" LG 4K monitor.

Hello RATH!!!

Zoom only works on particles and free emitters, not on things like “radius”, which is probably the issue. So if you animate “zoom” you’ll need to animate “radius” too, but then you’ll also need to animate “number” because number of particles increases when radius does… (not a great solution).

Note that the modern solution is to either 1) animate the camera to achieve the “zoom” instead of using the “zoom” parameter, or 2) animate the position of the emitter so it moves closer to the camera.

Note that in 2022 which was just released (the standalone version has not been updated to 2022 yet) you can now save “Scenes” in a library, not just single emitters. Scenes will save multiple emitters, forces, and deflectors, and will also save position animation. (Camera data and layer data is not saved in scenes at this time)

(Option 2 listed above can be saved in a Scene)


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Save the entire scene in a library, WOW, that’s awesome, Alan. Do you know if the standalone be updated soon? Would love to experinment the possibility.

PS. It would be great if you can add GLOBAL ZOOM paramater where it has its own axis for a particular emitter. Single emitter is easier for people to use on their project in a snap. With Global Zoom, I can control the entire emitter at will without particle destruction, thus produces awesome fx as my creation intended. (So many of my pro emitter needed this Global Zoom parameter).

Anywho, thank you for pI. God bless.