Existing track Layer won't track anymore


I am currently working on a track inside mocha, where I track someone’s arm, and the layer was tracked going from In point 0 to Outpoint 100.
I then realized that I wanted to extend the laye’s Out point to 200, where the arm is still visible, but when I wanted to track the rest of it, the Layer Shape would not follow the arm anymore. There are no obstructions, and my little gear wheel is turned on for that layer. The shape follows the track up until frame 100, but nothing after that…

Also, this layer is the “root” of other tracking layers. For example, I have a shape called ROTO-ARM, which is linked to this track, but that’s about it.

Is there something going on that I am not aware of?

Did you extend the out point of the Project Out point as well as the Layer Out point?

The main timeline shows the project range, but to adjust the layer range you need to change this in the layer properties panel.

Yes, that was it! Thank you very much!