Expand/convert strokes into shapes

Hello there,
I´m pretty new to this software and its been amazing so far…
But I recently did some hair roto and used the B-spline for the fine hairs and put some width on it.
Now I can´t seem to export the width of the strokes into after effects, so I was wondering if there is any way to maybe expand/convert those B-splines into shapes just like in Illustrator ?
I´m using the standalone software right now without the AE plugin.

If you want to convert the b-spline shape into Bezier spline, Go to actions - edit - Convert to bezier. but not sure how its gonna be the same in after effects

@michaeltroger96 If you are using the Silhouette Shape Import Export Plug-in in After Effects to transfer the splines, the width of open shapes are not supported in AE. You would need to render the mattes out of the Silhouette standalone.