Expand Spline Hard Edge?

Hi Mocha team, is there a way to expand the hard spline (red) edge rather than the feathered (blue) edge of a closed and fully tracked shape? Often times when I mask an item in Remove module, my clean plate render appears “too smooth” relative to the rest of the image. I figure an easy solution would be to add noise to this area in AE, but I can only do that if the Mocha background mask is the same shape as the repaired area (otherwise I am adding noise to areas that are not problematic as well).

I would like to clone the Layer 1 (removed item) mask to create the Background layer mask, and then expand it to be a few pixels larger than the Layer 1 shape. This way it renders the full feathered edge of Layer 1 mask. But I can only see how to expand feathered edge, not hard edge.

Thank you.

If you turn on the transform tool and hold down the alt key, you can drag a corner to uniformly expand or contract the mask. Would that do?

Hi Martin,

Hmm, I’ve just tried that and run into two issues. The small issue is that I have to manually reposition the scaled mask because it doesn’t scale center-anchored. The bigger issue is that if I’ve already got multiple keyframes from the tracked mask before I duplicate it, then when I transform the duplicated mask, I’m still having to manually expand any place I have a keyframe.

Though I’m still learning the interface a year later, it seems to me that what I need is something similar to:

  1. Duplicating the mask (that has multiple keyframes)
  2. Press Uber Key to affect all frames
  3. Somehow increase the outer mask edge equally across all frames
  4. Turn off Uber Key

It’s the #3 step I can’t seem to execute. Basically you have that wonderful -Set+ button for edge width, but it only applies to feathered edge, not hard edge.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Yes, there has been plans in the past to also have an inner edge scaler. Perhaps we need to implement that next :slight_smile:

But yes, the uberkey would be the way to scale across all keys with transform.

Oh wow yes, that inner edge scaler would be a godsend. Please keep me posted if it’s implemented.

Thanks, Martin.