Experiencing tons of crashes with Mocha Pro 5.0.1

Mocha keeps crashing in the middle of tracking shots. Not sure what is causing it but wanted to mention it in case anyone else is experiencing this. I rarely if ever had crashes with v4, but I’ve had tons of crashes in V5 in the few days I’ve had it.

Hi there,

This sounds like a bug we have been seeing, we are working on a fix for this as we speak. Thank you for letting us know! Can you be a little bit more specific about the issue and reproduction steps for the crash, so we can confirm that this is the case?


Are you using the GPU tracker?
Is this specifically the standalone version of mocha Pro or the plugin?

Just to add my experience thus far. I bought Mocha Pro Yesterday.

The stand alone crashes within 4 frames when tracking X-splines whether I have GPU on or not.

The plugin version does not crash using AE thusfar.

Will be doing further testing today.

System Specs
Mac Pro 5,1
NVidia 980ti
64G ram
Samsung SSD Boot and Media Drives

Update, the AE plugin is now crashing as well. I think it is happening only with multiple X-splines that overlap. I will be doing some test to find out.

Hi David,

Can you send me an email at maryp@imagineersystems.com, we should schedule a screen share and see if we can get to the bottom of this, it should not be crashing so much.


Thanks for the help Mary.

For others experiencing this try disabling GPU acceleration for now and make sure you RESTART either Mocha Pro or the host application.

I am sure they will get GPU back on the menu for use soon.

It’s highly dependent on the video card and driver, we are working on supporting as many as possible!