Explicitly set surface size

We need to apply the corner pin data from a 2048x1080 plate to a 2048x4000 matte painting.

In order to do so, I expect I would have to set the size of the blue planar surface to 2048x4000 or have a corner pin in After Effects that extends beyond its boundaries.

So 2 questions :

  1. Can I explicitly set the values for the size of the blue planar surface?

  2. OR is there a way to get the corner pin distortion to extend beyond its boundaries in After Effects.

Thank you,


You will need to set up a comp that’s 2048x4000 and then the best way to do this is place your 2048x1080 plate in there and use the mocha Pro 5 plugin to track the entire comp. Or you can use the insert module to place the insert properly in your shot. I recommend the insert module in the mocha Pro 5 plugin, this will save you huge amounts of time and you can download a trial if you do not already have the software.

For the standalone or AE versions you won’t be able to extend the corner pin very easily and you can’t specify the pixel size of the surface tool, though that is a potential feature request.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.