Export 3D tracks and or Perpendicular Corner Pin

I need to put some snow on the shoulders and back of some actors. Our track works very well on the back but falls apart on the shoulders as it is a different plane. But a plane exactly perpendicular to the back plane should do the job.

Is there anyway to export the mocha track as a 3D plane to AE, Nuke, or Maya? I could then generate better geo but “stick it” to the mocha plane.

If not, is there any export a corner pin that is perpendicular and aligned to another corner pin?

Thank you,

There is a tool in Mocha Pro that allows you to rotate a plane offset. In Insert module, check out the 3D offset tab. I have used this in the past for 2D fake of a 3D track. You can rotate your tracked surface and export this to Nuke.

OR, you can play with the 3D camera solver. This will require a 3D solve based on tracked planes in the shot and then you can get 3D axis points out to Nuke via FBX. Be warned, that it can be quite difficult to get the axis points to align in a properly calibrated 3D scene. Here are a few links showing Mocha 3D solver to FBX.

and this one is for AE, but covers the steps of generating the moving object plane to FBX 3D axis points.

Hope this helps.