Export Camera Data - Range of Keyframes Missing in AE

I’ve finished a camera solve in Mocha AE Version 3.1.1 and everything seems great, my camera solve quality is at 95% and I’m able to copy the AE 3D motion data to the clipboard.
I then paste the Mocha camera inside of AE and my camera and nulls come in as expected, but the first half of my camera’s keyframes are missing.
The clip is 258 frames long and the camera is static, as if it hasn’t been tracked until frame 144. Then at frame 144 the camera begins to move in sync with the footage and the nulls are all positioned as they should be. The key frames aren’t offset or anything, the ones that come across are accurate and in the correct position and point in time.
Is there a step I’m missing that would keep half of my keyframes from being copied to the clipboard and imported into to AE.
Any help or nudge in the right direction would be appreciated!

Also make sure that you are pasting in the data at the beginning of the clip you used in mocha inside of AE.

Thanks for sharing a good info. cheers

Prior to exporting camera data, ensure that you select ALL tracked layers that will provide keyframes for the required duration. It is quite possible that you have multiple tracked layers and forgot to select one or more of these layers when you went into the Camera Solve tab/module.