Export Davinci Resolve DNG to Mocha

I recorded some footage with the BMPCC camera in raw. It needs to be stabilized, and unfortunately in one of the shots the talents head is too close to the top of the frame. Obviously using the zoom function with Davinci Resolve stabilize is going to make things worse. So I plan to use Mocha Pro version 4 (stand alone) to stabilize and recover some of the lost area from frames prior to and after. No problem there. However, since I can’t import dng into Mocha, what is the recommended format to export from Davinci Resolve to Mocha? And should I color grade before or after the Mocha round trip?

I like TIFFs or EXRs as an export for Mocha, they’re less likely to lose color data to compression.

For whether to grade before or after, usually you grade before VFX shots, but there’s a great Creative Cow thread here that goes into depth about the when to and when not to: https://forums.creativecow.net/docs/forums/post.php?forumid=277&postid=23710&univpostid=23710&pview=t

One of the best comments being…

"There are two downsides to grading afterwards. One is that depending on where you take the grade, there’s a possibility that artifacts that weren’t visible in the ungraded shot — like imperfectly matched black levels for different elements, edges of rotoscoped objects, etc. — may become visible.

The other is that if you’re working with raw footage (like R3D or ARRIRAW), whatever settings were used to decode that footage to do the VFX work will be baked into the VFX shot. So, for instance, if you’ve decided to change the raw white balance of a bunch of shots in a scene, but there’s one VFX shot containing elements that were ‘developed’ with the in-camera white balance, you might have some tricky matching issues."

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Thank you Mary!