Export Error Data missing

Hello together, i follow the video for eyes replacement, all works very fine wihtout the export of the tracking data. Esxport of the shape mask was fine, if i export the tracking data with motion blur i always get a mistake on all computers just saying "Errors occured during the export. Some data maybe missing or invalid. If i click invert at this export function the export will wor fine and i can use it in ae but it is false because the motion is inverted. i am empty - please help …

Hi there!

This could be to do with the surface warping too far when it’s aligned. Are you tracking shear and perspective for the replacement?
How long is the replacement going to be?

yes maybe but how can i make it better ? I only track the eyes and the boy is moving his head a little, that are maybe 20 frames i am very bad because this doesn´t work for me

should i better tap the surface on and don´t bring it to the edges ? I don´t know what to do it is on every computer, maybe the whole adobe suite iswith mistakes :frowning:

no answer?

Sorry, missed the last update!!

If there is only a fraction of motion, try tracking just with shear instead of using perspective. This should reduce the warp on the surface.

always the same :frowning:

i try to track without perspective, but in your video i have to put perspective on, i only want to try to put away a short eyeline flicker to the camera

i try small Motion - same fault

i try manual,. large and small motion it is always the same export fault

You don’t have to use perspective, it’s just normally recommended. It’s a good idea to try different tracks to check.

Large motion is all you will need.

If you can send me the shot and project file I can take a look: martinb[at]imagineersystems.com

I sent it but your mail can´t get messages with 100 MB

I got your wetransfer link and took a look at the file. I can see the issue.

So, the problem is you’re tracking through the blink. When he closes his eyes, it looks subtle because it’s a small area, but it’s enough of a texture change to warp the surface significantly when you scale it to the dimensions of the footage.

To fix this, I would track his forehead and eyebrows, then link your roto to that track instead. I just tried this in the mocha footage and it seemed to export correctly.