Export FCP clip to Mocha

Forgive me for having a bit of a stupid question here…

I have a clip in FCP that i want to track in mocha. In fcp, i only use about 30 seconds of a clip that last for 4 minutes.

Do i have to pull the whole thing into Mocha and set in/out points and track within them?

Or, is it possible to just send the clip i want to track to Mocha. I am also trying to not to re-encode export clips and back in, because i don’t want to have several re-encoded clips in my final timeline…hope that makes sense.


I’d just export the 30 seconds out as a QT clip in it’s native format. You won’t see any generational degradation, as encoding video is very good these days. The higher quality the image, and format, the easier it is to do this over and over. I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s going to encode once, the copy that Mocha uses, then when back in FCP, Mocha is referencing that version it originally used, it’s not being encoded a second time.