Export from Tile Studio standalone

Waiting for support to help resolve issue (Studio crashes inside Avid).

Studio works like a champ in standalone.

To keep me moving forward on a project, can I export the content that I have created for re-import into my AVID.


Are you working with a dual monitor system? If so, set the Title Studio (TS) GUI to be on the same monitor as the effects controls. Can you please let us know if this helps prevent the crash?

Unfortunately you cannot save a .bsp (boris static preset) file directly from the main TS GUI, this can only be done via the preset manager in the effects control panel so if you save a project in the standalone TS, you can only open that from within the TS GUI so you’ll still have to launch the full UI to read the project. You can therefore rnu TS in standalone mode, create the animation, save this as a .blu project file, then open the TS GUI from the host and open the saved project.

Another option is to open TS in another supported host, then save the animation as a .bsp file, which you can then open in Avid without having to launch the full TS GUI.

Have made that attempt, TS on same monitor as Effects Controller.

Did not work.

Also, changed dual monitor workflow to single monitor.

Did not work as well.

Well that’s a little frustrating. I’ll consult with engineering and respond again shortly.

Thank you for your help. Much appreciated

Can you please share with me your system specs : OS version, Graphics card, Avid version, Continuum version.


Another question … are you using 4k monitors?

Windows 7, NVIDIA Quadro M4000, MC 2018.12.7

Not using 4k monitors

Cool … thanks for this. More in a bit.

Would you be open to having one of our techs tunnel into your system?

Can we schedule 2pm central standard time?

Absolutely. I’ll go ahead and set that up.

Cool. Thanks

Hello - I actually just sent an email to you in response to your Support ticket, and as promised, here is a quick rundown of the proposed solution here as well —

Since you are working within the Windows 7 environment using the M4000, I would recommend Closing Avid and then quickly going into the NVidia Control Panel.

Inside the NVidia Control Panel, go into the Manage 3D Settings, and you should see that the ‘Memory Allocation Policy’ is set to “As Needed” - if so, change this to “Moderate re-allocation” and try re-launching Avid again.

This should fix the problem - If this problem continues, even after Restart Windows (if not too inconvenient), try instead “Aggressive re-allocation”.

If the crash that takes place is different than simply turning the screen black, I would recommend this same approach, as the problem is with Closing Title Studio, rather than launching it.

Will give that a shot in a few moments.

I believe it worked. if you still want to take a look around, that would be great.

If you can install TeamViewer (free program) and reply to my email from Support with your ID and Password, I can go onto your system in a little bit.
I’m on a call right now that is actually getting a tad complicated, but hopefully I should be able to go onto your system in not too long.
Thank again.

Will do. Send the email. Thanks

Okay I just sent another email, this one with the main page URL within that will download TeamViewer 14. Would be coming to you via support@borisfx.com