Export insert without background clip?

Is it possible to use the Insert Module to render out just the insert art with an alpha transparency background instead of also rendering out the background clip you tracked it on to?

Yes. In the plugin you can render this as insert only. In the export, you can render with an alpha as long as you use an image export that supports alpha. Which one do you need to know the workflow for, Plug-In or Standalone Mocha Pro?

Thanks again Mary. I need to know the work flow for the standalone. What are the steps?

Hi Greg,

Exporting a rendered clip is pretty easy. Fully Render the timeline in the insert Module inside of Mocha Pro (this may take some minutes depending on many factors). When that is done, Go to file>export rendered CLIP… and then use the dropdown to pick your insert clip. Check the checkbox for the alpha. Select a file format like TIFF (for example) that supports alphas. Pick your destination and save by clicking “OK.” That should be all you need to do.

If you want to dive into the nitty gritty, see our documentation here: https://borisfx.com/support/documentation/mocha/8.0.0/#_exporting_rendered_clips_mocha_pro

Hello Mary,

After rendering, when I select the Insert_ item in the dropdown the alpha option is greyed out so I can’t check it – see screenshot:

So the insert renders with a black background not a transparency.


P.S. When I render the timeline in the Insert module it does seem to automatically render the alpha in to a results folder. My version of Mocha Pro 2020.5 is 7.5.0

Yes, and you can also just drag and drop them right out of the results folder. Don’t leave them in there or they will get deleted.

Weird that this is greyed out though, I will have to do some tests.

I it has any bearing I am using the Mac version.