Export Mesh Track Stabilization as an individual effect

I have multiple mesh tracks warps and unwarps on some very complicated paint work.

The base Mocha file has tons of preliminary rotos and tracks that I would prefer to not have enumerable duplicates of it for each warp as it is very confusing for anybody inheriting my working file.

Is there a way to export the warp data besides using the Module Renders? I am hoping it would behave just like the TSR, Rotos, and Corner Pins, where I can export into AE and cut in paste the result to other layers as opposed to having enumerable copies of Mocha Pro Effects each with different module settings.

To further complicate things, the Mocha source footage and patches have different start frames which realllly seems to be confusing Mocha.

Working in After Effects, you’re kind of limited to the renders for PowerMesh warp operations, at least for the time being.
If you were working in Fusion or Nuke, you can export the PowerMesh as alembic data to perform the warp on a UV projection, but sadly AE doesn’t have that flexibility.

My suggestion is to work with the insert rendering method of PowerMesh where possible as it provides you with a bit more flexibility and speed over the warp/unwarp method.

There are plugins for AE which could do the trick including UV distortion plugins, mesh warps, etc. Being the AE seems to be partners of some sort with AE, it would be nice to have that full functionality.

Just like you support different types of corner pins in AE that Boris FX did not write, maybe one day this could be a feature to export the info to a format that is usable within AE.

Or maybe all of those nice nulls that can be generated can be paired to puppet tool or whatever is a good approximation of the PowerMesh.


Oh absolutely. We’re not done with the export support by a long shot. We’ll keep updating as we go, but this sort of feedback helps us work out the right direction!

Users like myself often hit the forums when they are frustrated and hoping for more.

I would just like to say that this PowerMesh is astonishing as is.

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Thanks for your post. Just to add here, I work similar to you and often use one master Mocha Pro effect and then duplicate for various usage in an AE comp.

Maybe an obvious note, but I like to keep the one Mocha instance as the master, and then when I duplicate will often launch Mocha and drag the unused layers into a folder so only the relevant Mocha layer is visible for that AE layer. Not really a ground-breaking tip :wink: Just suggesting that organizing the layers in Mocha can be really useful when you get into complex projects or share with other artists.

As Martin mentions, we are always looking at new formats to support. Currently, for PowerMesh in AE you have 2 options, but they both require the Mocha effect as the render engine (warp stabilize then invert) or insert Module.


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