Export Mocha render with image layer visible

I’m using Mocha Pro Version 9.0.2 build 197.gf6fc24f1d655 with Premier Pro version 22.2.0

I have an animation of a rotating watch and am trying to replace the face. I have it working and looking good in Mocha but cannot get it to export as a Quicktime clip or show up in Premier.

The best so far is that in Premier pro, the watch face is missing and the track beneath it is visible. However, I have the watch face tracking with the watch in Mocha and would love to just render that and have it in Premier.

Can you show a screen grab of what is rendering back in the Premiere timeline along with your Mocha pluign settings?

What is the problem when you try to export your rendered timeline in Mocha?

Sure thing. Here’s a video showing the UI in Mocha, then back in Premier. I also changed some settings during the video to (hopefully) shed some more light on what I’m missing.

Thanks for the help!

You’re using the Lens:Undistort render mode in the plugin, not the Insert:Composite mode. This is why you wouldn’t be seeing the correct watch face.