Export ONLY Particles as Alpha? (Confused PI-3 User )

I have BCC Continuum for Vegas Pro 19 so have full PI as plugin on Windows 10.

In PI-3, one could export just the particles as a non-intense alpha PNG sequence; I would then import those into Vegas so I could go to town on further color corrections, etc.

I’ve read through whatever related posts here and there seems/ed to be an issue with black edges to particles to such alpha renders in one post. But I can’t even figure how to get a particles-only alpha render.

Please advise on simple, step by step way to do this with optimal settings (i.e. 444).

(On an aside, I can’t run my old PI-3 on my Windows 10 for it’s locked to my old Windows 7 system and support probably won’t help me fix this since PI-3 is legacy. @Alan_Lorence suggested I ask them, but I didn’t even try when ordered BCC by phone since the last version of PI-3 was with the complicated GenArts activation.)

When you’re using PI as a plug-in in Vegas, the concept of “render to file” is not applicable – the plugin renders directly back to wherever you applied it. It replaces the “render to file, then import” of the old pI3 workflow.

In Vegas look in the “Composite” group of parameters after applying PI. The “Composite Style” parameter is the one you’ll want – if “Direct (Classic)” doesn’t work for you, try “Apply + Alpha Mode” and then you get a range of other options.

Thanks for reply and pointing out those two parameters.

I’ll have to try them out to see how they work before responding because for this whole (for me essentially new) BCC modality overall and the layers of settings are overwhelming due to my anxiety condition. So got to take it one step at a time.

But one good thing is that my familiarity with PI since v.3.0.2 doesn’t make working within it overwhelming. Different, yes, but manageable.

The tutorial videos will help:

Thanks, most I’ve already viewed. My understanding of PI while not “pro” is decent due said pre-Boris work with it.

What is new to me is how Boris FX settings and such are organized, what they mean (some of which I have no or a guesstimate clue), and so on. At times small, incremental “Oh, now I get it…” moments hopefully will add up to some good mastery of it all.

@Alan_Lorence - With some help at the Vegas forum, I finally figured out where those two parameters are to be found.

The two-screenshots show Direct (Classic) on top, Alpha + Apply Mode on bottom.

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t solve the dilemma of being able to do what I used to - apply whatever Vegas or other FX (i.e. color correction, curves, etc.) to only the particles, not the footage over which they are. The Alpha + Apply Mode offers more tweaks in that GUI, but anything I apply in either mode always affects both particles and footage.

To use a metaphor: two horizontal 2 x 4 beams of wood nailed together as one, I need to crowbar them apart so I can paint the top one without getting paint on the bottom one… :slight_smile:

There has got to be some way to do this.
I’m probably missing something rather obvious.

You can try moving the order of the fx on the top row, but whatever is last (nearest the red fx symbol) will affect the ones before
I think you would need to put your PI on one track above your footage track & apply the other fx’s to each individually

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@Gid.Joiner - OK, thanks - your #2 idea – interesting workaround. I’ll give it a shot, see what happens.

Well, @Gid.Joiner, gave #2 a shot and we’ve got a winner:

– Top track with particles in Source Alpha composite, Video Event FX set to Alpha + Apply Mode, Opacity: 100.

– Bottom track with footage in 3D Alpha composite, Video Event FX in Alpha set to Direct (Classic), Opacity: 0


Very close to what it should look like as single event/track - just a bit of hue difference due to the Screen mode, but that can be adjusted. Able to make particles pop a bit more with Unsharp Mask, and now I have the whole palette of FX to use on the particles as desired.

Just discovered Beat Reactor down in the PI Vegas Video FX options which opens up a whole new fun-world for me to make particles do some interesting things since I make my own music (using Steinberg Cubase).

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These are old videos but still relevant to Beat Reactor :+1::man_dancing:
This one first to create the external audio file


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BCC DVE Is a good fx to apply, that has some good basic controls & Beat Reactor :wink::+1:

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Small correction:

I couldn’t go back and edit that part, so just in case someone wishes to duplicate and use this approach. It should be:

"Using Source Alpha (instead of “Screen”) on the particles-only track or event keeps the visual integrity of the particles."

My first attempt was in Screen mode and there were some albeit minor hues shifts that were fixable .