Export Project Data

I exported my project data using Shake script with the mofex plug-ins.
I have tried over and over to open the file in shake and it hangs up shake.
The rainbow ball comes up and sits there. I have waited for over an hour and no luck. I had used this feature over and over before with success.

Then I closed my monet file and got an illegal camera operation when I tried to open it back up to re-export the file and/or find another solution.
I have upgraded to the monet V2.1.4 that was released today and this version is the one I used to create the file today.

Please advise… I have been having a lot of problems with your products lately and it is proving to be frustrating.

thank you

Hi Sharon,

The latest version of Monet should solve all the project file related issues - and should open the old project files that V2.1.3 wouldn’t. Please let me know if this is still an issue.

Regarding the Mofex problem, we discontinued Mofex some time ago as it proved unstable with the later versions of Shake and needed a major overhaul. Mofex will work fine on certain setups but it’s not something I recommend relying on.

The supported workflow for using Monet with Shake is to export using the “Shake script using pre-rendered clips” option. You also need to check the “Render Matte Clip” and “Render Clips” boxes on the Insert page (screen grab attached highlighting these options).

Best regards,