"Export Rendered Clip" not working right

Hey all
I’m pretty new to mocha/mocha pro, so there’s probably a really simple solution to this problem.
I was tasked with exporting a clip I’d worked on a couple days ago–simple shot: two layers, one with a cleanplate inserted into the planar Surface and tracked to the other–but for the life of me I can’t figure out why it’s exporting as a bunch of solid black .tif images. I’ve tried tracking another layer underneath the original layers, but that only gave me a .tif sequence of grey stripes that seriously hurt the eyes to look at.
My supervisor walked me through the “export rendered clip” dialog, but we’re stumped. Nothing works.
Any ideas?

What file type are you using? Can you try 16 bit tiffs just to confirm that it isn’t the codec?

Glad to hear it!

Thanks for getting back to me, Mary. Turns out I was using the Insert module completely wrong, and simply hadn’t rendered it yet. Works now.