Export rendered shapes


I have 6 layers of various selections of a shirt on a man.
I have grouped these layers and selected them all.

I am trying to render out one image sequence .tiff of all six layers as one matte.

But not being able to do it for some reason.
Wouls appreciate some help.

Cheers, SilverLight.

You just have to go to “Export rendered shapes” and choose “All visible” or “All” then render.

If you have other shapes you will need to turn their visibility off.

We currently do not have support for multi-selected shapes when using the “selected” option, so this will only render the last selected shape.

What I am saying is you cannot export a multi-layer selection.

You can instead export it as one matte if you choose “All Visible” and only those layers are visible. You get one combined matte from all the visible layers if you choose this option.

Regarding the Resolve issue, please refer to the email I sent. We have artists currently using mocha-rendered DPX in Resolve with no issue, so I need more detail about your setup to find where the problem is.

Thanks Martin,

I think what you are saying is I can’t export the six selections on the man’s shirt as one matte.

I have a layer for right side of the shirt.
I have a layer for right side bottom of the shirt.
I have a layer for left side of shirt etc, etc and so forth.

Also as discussed with Mary this 8bit - 16bit story re input into Da Vinci Resolve. ( .tiff )
I see there was a thread when this forum first started re this issue. No more has been said.
This is a major issue for Professionals I am affraid to say.
I am having to make changes in photoshop which is taking ages.

Cheers, SilverLight.