Export Shape data from alpha channel

I am working on a pre keyed alpha footage. I need to export shape data for ae only from its alpha channel. Is this possible in Mocha?

Export Shape data

You can render out roto shapes from mocha Pro, and you can import rendered clips into any mocha as a matte clip. So if you render your key as a black and white matte and import it as a matte clip onto a new mocha layer, you can use a pre-keyed image. You will not, however, be able to convert it to dynamic splines, just a black and white image.


But I also want to paste mocha mask on my after effect solid layer so that I can get a mask outline.

There’s not a way to convert a B&W matte to a mocha outlined shape without rotoscoping. If you need a spline in AE from a keyed matte, you will need to use something else, or you will have to roto around the outside of the shape. I am not sure what you are asking? Your original image did not come through, can you email it to me? maryp@imagineersystems.com

Hello Mary

novice user, PrCS6…purchased Mocha Pro, watched your very instructive demos …using for roto work and removal work…

worked tracked and acurate root mask… beautiful …thanks for the knowledge…best regards woodrow

Happy to help! I am so glad you’re getting good use out of the software and the training! :slight_smile: