Export shape to fusion question

I’m trying to use fusion as a bridge between mocha and Resolve ( until OFX plugin supports it ) but it can’t find the way to keep the soft edges I made inside mocha. I suppose it is a limitation but I wanted to be sure.

You can keep the edges if you render out the mattes as black and white mattes instead of masks, but right now this is a limitation in Fusion.

Thanks Mary,

That is what I guessed. I wanted to avoid having to render mattes in order to have more flexibility to fine tune the masks when I apply my grades. In the mean time I’ve tried to use mocha ofx inside a resolve node and it seems to work so far. What problems should I expect by doing so?


Only that the render modules for mocha in Resolve don’t work, so the remove and insert do not work in Resolve yet. We inform users that we do not fully support mocha Pro the plugin inside of Resolve yet for this reason.