Export Shapes Data is not Responding

Greetings Earthlings - it’s been a minute.

Mocha Pro 2021 8.0.1 > Export Shape > Nuke Roto Basic - is this supported in the current version ?


It should be working, but please let me know if you are seeing something nonstandard?

Definitely seeing a problem do you want bug reports on the forum or through Mocha UI ?

You can put them here and I will tag @martinb or you can open a case here: Boris FX | Open a Case

Andrew, any reason you’re not using v8.0.3?

Simply because it’s not installed here - I will ask why not …

I don’t think there’s anything specific to this problem in the last two patches, but we have addressed a number of important fixes.

But as Mary said, i’d love to see the Roto problem you’re experiencing first-hand.

Wil do - just been slammed.


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Bug Report - Mocha Pro 2021 8.0.1 OFX - Copy/Paste Roto to Nuke fails.

Mocha Pro 2021 8.0.1 OFX/ Nuke 12.2v4 / CentOS Linux 7 (Core) Linux 3.10.0-1160.25.1.el7.x86_64

Trying to export Shape Data to Nuke via “Nuke Roto Basic” or fails making Mocha slow and unresponsive until Mocha and host nuke are quit.

  1. Track Roto Shape.
  2. UI > Export Shape > Nuke Roto (Basic) > Copy to clipboard.
  3. Result : Mocha becomes responsive, Pasting into seperate Nuke session also makes nuke unreponsive and results in nothing.
  4. Desired result : Normal Operation

The target (separate) Nuke will recover gracefully.

Occasionally I’ve seen Centos pop up a warning about “Export Shapes Data is not responding”, ( Ithink thats what it said - have been unable to screen shot).

Mocha may eventually return focus after +15 secs but every subsequent button push results in another 15 sec freeze.

The only way to fix is to cycle both Mocha and host Nuke session.

Does this ring any bells with anyone ?


Ah! I think I see what is happening. If you are running the OFX plugin out of Nuke, you have to save and close Mocha Pro before you can paste into Nuke. It won’t work like the standalone because of the structure of plugins.

Hi Mary,

Is that right ? I cannot get to Copy / Paste shape data regardless of whether Mocha OFX is running or not though ?
That’s also woud be inconsistent with how the Tracker Export works - there I can Copy/Paste without that limitation - to say nothing of how painful that would make Copy / Pasting ten or so shapes.

Confused …

If the OFX plugin interface is going you can’t ran over to the Nuke interface and interact with Nuke. Copy, save, close, paste.

If you need to copy and paste several shapes you should be able to just copy all of them.

I might have to see what you’re doing to see where it’s going wrong.

Ok - I understand now - I have a 2nd Nuke open with my actual target comp in and I normally copy/paste into that.
So the Nuke comp with the Mocha OFX in it is a seperate script entirely. Most people do that to work around the “UI lockout” limitation (since it has little impact on performance if any and Nuke doesn’t have the same “one at a time” session limit like AE) and have been doing that for a while now I beleive.
Given that does the bug report make any more sense ?


Yes. We will try to reproduce this on our end but I definitely think Martin would like to see what’s happening so he can work with QA.

How heavy are these roto layers? We’re optimizing some clipboard stuff in the next version so you may find this problem goes away, but I’m curious what the density and frame length of the layers are.

Say 50 to 250 fr’s @ 4k Uhd w up to 10–15 layers …

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