Export Silhouette Open Splines to Nuke

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to export Silhouette open splines to Nuke?

I tried but Nuke slows down to a halt when I import the open splines.

Really would appreciate some help please.

Are you getting an error message or a crash? What version of Nuke are you using, what operating system, and what version of Silhouette? Letting me know a few more details will help me get to the bottom of this issue for you.

I am getting neither but Nuke becomes so slow that I can’t do anything.

I am on Nuke 12.2v10.

I am using the Silhouette plug in in Nuke and Silhouette is version 2021.5.0.

Windows is Windows 10, 21H1

Thanks for your help Mary.

@Provencal_le_Gaulois Nuke’s spline rendering is extremely slow, especially with Motion Blur. This is a performance problem on the Foundry’s side. The more splines you export, the slower it is. I suggest filing an issue with Foundry support.

Thank you for letting me know Marco

I am using Nuke 12.1v1 and have the same issue. A work around that I find helps is after importing the roto from Silhouette to Nuke, copy paste the roto (from within the node) to a new roto node.